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The Federal Election Commission (‘FEC’) requires that this request for PAC solicitation approval inform you, the News/Media Alliance member, that (i) approval is necessary before the News/Media Alliance PAC may solicit the eligible employees of  member companies for PAC contributions; and (ii) a member cannot approve solicitations by more than one trade association in the same calendar year.”  To complete an Authorization form, click the button below.

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What is the News/Media Alliance PAC?

The News/Media Alliance Political Action Committee (News/Media Alliance PAC) is a separate segregated fund of the News/Media Alliance registered with  the Federal Election Commission. The News/Media Alliance PAC was created to help the Alliance better represent the news media business and newsgathering  interests on Capitol Hill.

What is the purpose of the News/Media Alliance PAC?

The purpose of the PAC is to:

  • Provide campaign contributions to federal candidates for elective office who understand the importance of the issues that matter to high-quality news media organizations;
  • Provide News/Media Alliance and our member companies with a greater ability to support elected officials;
  • Inform and update PAC members about key legislative and regulatory issues that affect the news media industry and News/Media Alliance membership.

The News/Media Alliance PAC is an effective way to become more politically active and support candidates who understand the legislative priorities that will impact the entire industry.

Join the News/Media Alliance PAC today!

Federal election law allows eligible individuals and other PACs to contribute up to $5,000 to the News/Media Alliance PAC annually. News/Media Alliance PAC cannot accept corporate funds. The News/Media Alliance PAC Advisory Board makes decisions on the candidates to support based on the process that is outlined in the News/Media Alliance PAC By-laws. This ensures that PAC funds are spent wisely.

Why should I contribute?

We cannot afford to ignore government decisions that have profound effects on the news media industry. Your contributions and participation in the political process are needed to ensure our member companies continue to compete, innovate and grow.

News/Media Alliance PAC funds help elect candidates who understand the importance of public policies that facilitate production of high-quality journalism, necessary for a functional democracy.

Every day, policies are enacted by legislators that can have a long-term impact on the viability of your business.

The News/Media Alliance advocates for your interests, including:

Protect and Grow Revenue for Journalism
Flexibility in Investments
Experimentation in Business Models
Protection of Intellectual Property
Protecting Reporters and Newsgathering Process
Technology and Innovation

Your voluntary contribution to the News/Media Alliance PAC is another way in which you can help invest in the future of the news media industry.
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