Work Wear Wednesday


Happy hump day readers. I’m sure plenty of you have seen the #workwearwednesday (WWW) but I wanted to start incorporating that into my weekly posts. Strangely enough, even as a fashion blogger, every morning I wake up and I immediately go to Pinterest to get my inspiration for what I am going to wear for my work day. I will say, I am fortunate enough to work where I am able to wear business casual attire which gives me little more freedom when picking and wearing my outfits.

Whether you are a business casual company or work in a more formal environment, I truly believe that you can still make your outfits fun and enjoyable (and appropriate, no one wants to deal with HR). So for this first WWW I wanted to share my most recent styles that I have worn at work. The first look is for the more formal environment, although it is a more elevated look, I paired my classic black top with a cropped wide leg crepe pant and a wood block heel to add subtle but noticeable pieces to spice up even the mundane(st) of outfits. My second look is perfect for an office that allows you a little more freedom with your wardrobe. I still went with a neutral, classic look but added a little flare with “lower cut” silk blazer top and my over the knee boots, which yes can still be classy even in the work place.

No matter what your office environment is like, don’t let that prevent you from showing your personality. I chose to share these two looks specifically because they are both of a muted, neutral palate but you can always ride the edge a little more and throw in color blocking and print mixing for a more fun, personalized wardrobe.