The Versatile Trench


I feel like more often that not I struggle finding the perfect trench coat that doesn’t absolutely break the bank. Right before I left for my trip to New York in February, I was on the hunt for as many coats as I can find that stood out or ones that I could still wear when I got back home (since Georgia doesn’t typically get as cold). I remember getting really irritated because I kept find the best coats but they were priced high so I would either have to purchase one to go with everything or keep looking until I found a few that were at a good price point. I guess I also need to add that I am such a last minute packer, which is strange because I am so particular and anal when it comes to packing, you would think I would like to prepare in advance.

I think I was walking out of my sixth store of the evening (no joke!) and was about to give up. I decided to just pop into H&M for last minute accessories and when I was walking through the store I saw the associates at the front of the store with price guns. Now if you have ever worked in retail you know that means markdowns are about to start. So I killed about 30 more minutes around the store and sure enough, when I ventured back to the front section, they had marked down over half of their coats and jackets from the season. I probably should have had more self control but I literally grabbed 4 or 5 pieces to go try on and this trench was one of them.

Honestly, if you were to walk into my closet right now, you would find at least 5 other trench coats but honestly speaking, this one is BY FAR my favorite that I own. Since I am so tall, I really do like for my jackets, for the most part, to run the course of my legs; don’t ask me why. So when I saw that this was a good length and it had such a rich, brown tone to it, it wasn’t much of a hard decision to make.

If you aren’t in a hurry to find a trench piece like I was, I would take the time and research which style you like the best and what is most flattering on you. To make the process easier for you all, I’ve linked a few styles I think are super cute but also affordable.