If you’ve been following me on my social outlets for the last 3 months you know that I have been in and out of planes non-stop. From the east coast to the west coast its been a crazy season of traveling. With that, I’ve had to learn how to be strategic and efficient when it comes to packing. My friends and I always play this game before we get to the airport called “lets guess how many pounds Kat’s bag is over”. Even though I do tend to overpack my checked bag, once I do get it checked in I want to be carrying as little as possible and be comfortable going through the rest of my trip.

So lately what I have found that has been extremely helpful when it comes to organizing my personal items that I do have to carry along with me, if compartmentalizing when it comes to my organization. Backpacks like this white one have quickly become my best friend. I like to keep my more personal items in whatever “fashion backpack” I bring; that way I know it is sealed and someone can’t somehow slip their hand in while I’m not looking. Whats great is that you can literally find any size and style of backpack that suits your personality but also is more efficient for you when it comes to traveling or even everyday life.

Another fun hack I’ve mastered is packing my backpack in my large tote. I know I just stressed how much I love having less but for some reason having my little backpack of personal items inside of a larger tote (where I throw random stuff in as the traveling goes on) helps me stay organized and I know where exactly I have what and in which bag. I know everyone has their own preferences when it comes to traveling but if you get the chance to soon, just give it a shot and see how you like it.