I’m going to be honest, I am SHOCKED that I didn’t spill anything on this look all day long. Even though it’s a pain trying to keep everything and anything from spilling, I love me a classic monochromatic look. I’ve mentioned before I’m fortunate enough to work at an office where I can get away with experimenting with work styles than most and I love how much that has challenged me to get creative in the mornings.

I’ve layered this chunky sweater over (prepare yourself) a jumpsuit! I’ve noticed that I have been modifying and getting savvy in order to create the look I am going for. Under my sweater, I belted my jumpsuit and tucked the hem of my sweater to make it look more like a “cropped” sweater (even though this thing is actually huge and really oversized).

This is probably my favorite thing about personal style and fashion. You can literally transform a whole look by tweaking here and there-makes your look more of your own. Don’t you think?