Bringing in the New Year Formally


I’m noticing as I get older, the Holiday season becomes more as a marathon. Filled with endless parties, family gathering, work functions, the list goes on. This sometimes can make finding the perfect outfit for each occasion extremely overwhelming and not to mention expensive. The best hack I’ve found is to find pieces that can serve it’s purpose more than once-yes that might means repeating an outfit, but who cares! If you have been following me for sometime you know that I am a huge fan of buying pieces for my closet that can serves multiple functionality. Whether that be a dress worn for a holiday party that is recycled for New Years Eve or a New Years Eve look recycled for a wedding later in the year. Either way, get something that is a bang for you buck.

With New Years just around the corner, I wanted to start sharing different styles for whatever occasion your plans may be-whether it be a formal party or a night out in the city with your friends.

This first share is perfect for anyone who has a formal NYE planned. Gold, metallic and shimmer are always a great go-to option for a New Years look. And what makes this such a special dress, is that I wore this to a holiday party earlier in the season and can re-purpose it for my plans this year.

Whatever you plans may be, end this year with a banging look. You deserve it.