White’s AFTER Labor Day


There are so many fashion faux pas that we have all grown up with (and followed) for as long as we can remember…but can you think why? How are these fashions rules made? And who says you aren’t allowed to break them. Although there are still skeptics out there I feel like we’ve really moved into an era where socks can be worn with heels, where color blocking is a thing, where blue and black can be work together and wearing white AFTER labor day is seen as a statement.

I’m not saying that everyone around you will be welcoming to it but I will say I have had so much fun in the past couple of years by surprising people with how easily white can be incorporated into your fall/winter wardrobe; almost forgetting its a faux pas. If you are reading this and aren’t from the South I’m sure you are thinking this all so silly but it’s an actual thing down here (Ha!)

I would have to say that, for me personally, when incorporation white’s into my Fall/Winter closet, I tend to focus on a more classic look; so more trouser or cigarette pants. I can’t say I really have worn white denim during this season but hey, if you an make it work I say GO FOR IT!!

Whatever your thoughts may be, try easing into incorporating more white’s this season.Get creative and be sure to leave your comments on how you styled your favorite pearly whites!