Jumpsuits for all occasions





Less is totally more for me; as in the less effort I have to put in an outfit (at times) the more I find myself liking it. I guess that’s why I find myself wearing more and more jumpsuits across all seasons. Honestly, jumpsuits are a woman excuse to slip on something simple but flattering, without the hassle of putting together multiple pieces.

Typically in the summer months I tend to stick to the more muted colors and highlight my outfit with bright jewelry and pull out the bright, patterned colors for the fall months. I know that sounds backwards but I guess I’ve always favorited the fall months, so naturally I save the best for that time, ha! Although there are tons and tons of different styles out there, the one thing you have to be careful on when it comes to finding the perfect jumpsuit, is the material. Since your basically wearing one giant onsie, you want to be sure you are in a material or fabric that highlights and accentuates your best features.


Below I have attach included a few of my favorite styles and stores I love to shop at when it comes the jumpsuits.