Its 2018! Still cannot get over how fast last year went by, I guess I never really took people seriously when they said your 20’s fly by and you won’t notice until they are 1/2 way over. By now I am sure you have heard even cliche, “new year new me” post but the new year is a time to reflect and learn from the past year (s). I have so much to be grateful thanks to 2017; by far it was the most telling of all my years. Nonetheless I have my own cliche list of things I want to do in 2018: Travel (even) more, volunteer places, do more service in the ministry, start grad school, and the list goes on. Realistically speaking I may not be able to hit 100% of my list but this is my year of “intentionality” so I am going to try my absolute best to cross off the majority of the things on my list.

I guess technically say I have traveled “more” in 2018 than any other since I started mine off in a different state.  This past weekend I got to witness one of my dearest friends get married in Cleveland, Ohio. I won’t lie, although I love the cold, Cleveland definitely handed it to me with -12 degree windchill and a blizzard. Nonetheless it was awesome starting my year off doing what I love most and surrounded by so much love and beauty. I hope everyone else had a great start to their year. I would love to hear about it so comment below.