[First and foremost I am wishing well to all my friends and readers in Florida that were affected by hurricane Irma yesterday. You always hear about terrible things happening “elsewhere” but this one really hit close to home (literally). It’s extremely scary to think that the things you enjoy most like water and the beaches could rip apart your whole life in just one moment. Fortunately, for those I know personally have checked in safe and although there is a lot of clean up ahead for the cities all around Florida I am very grateful that things were not worse. So if you are a reader from a different state, please keep those affected by Irma AND Harvey in your prayers going forward in this healing season.]

I’ll be honest with you guys, about a year ago I despised gingham with every fiber of my being. I am not sure if it’s because it was in EVERY single store you would walk into or the fact I have always been a plaid girl my whole life but I just could never get myself to buy or wear it; honestly it reminded me of a picnic table or something of the sort (sorry if you are gingham obsessed an reading this). I can’t even tell you when the switched happened for me, I think J.Crew earlier this spring season turned me when I found the most perfect oversized gingham button down (you should know that anything that is oversized or a button down has a way of finding a home in my closet) and I was instantly in love. Even with that purchase I wasn’t truly converted until I came across this fun shirt. I try my very best to look for things that stand out when I am shopping, especially if it involves a print or pattern that is really in during that season (aka in every single store). What really spoke to me were the sleeves and the fabric slits that ran down the shirt; well that and I had a “That’s So Raven” moment an flashed forward to my what looks I have envisioned for this fall and I created a mental image of all the outfits I could create with this top (and I loved how it challenged me to take a print I am not a fan of and make it work in multiple ways). As the temperature drops and I’m going to try my best and use this top to re-create different looks for you guys and make it a little fun series. Let’s see how long I can keep it going for until I completely run out of ideas.