I’m still in shock that we are in the month of September; while everyone is mourning the end of summer I am rejoicing that we are one temp drop closer to the fall season. BUT before I close the chapter of this summer I have to share with you guys the most eventful trip I got to take with my best friends. If you follow me on my Instagram page you know that I tend to lean on the spontaneous side when it comes to my travel. In fact I am pretty sure once my girl friend and I bought a flight to Colorado just to see our favorite band play live, shortly after that another friend and I took a 24 hour to St. Simons just because we both were bored. Needless to say I’ve always had a passion for traveling; which shouldn’t come as a shock.

About 3 weeks ago my two best friends packed up our 2018 Mazda Cx-5 at 3 o’clock in the morning (our friend Sarah loves leaving at the crack of dawn, always) and headed on our way back the island not only in absolute comfort, wth extraneous amounts of leg space, but also in complete style. Something about St. Simons charm is so intoxicating honestly. I’m not sure if its the convenience of our hotel is or just how nice everyone is in the town but I totally understand why people move and retire there. I don’t want to pretend I know everything the town has to offer but the last 2 times that I have gone down there it definitely left a big enough impact.

We were very fortunate enough to run into the same crowd we met the first go around; like the staff at the Queens Court Inn, who’s location is so prime considering it is right next to the pier and hands down the best restaurants. Every accommodation was so pristine and the staff was so quick to make sure that we were taken care of at all times, at all hours of the day. Day one started off with us checking into our suite and then was immediately followed by a morning work out (again, 100% Sarah’s idea haha but we love her for it; friends don’t let friends be lazy). I’m sure you can guess what comes after a great sweat session; food! Not to sound completely bias but my favorite place to go eat, and probably could eat all day everyday, is Sandcastle Cafe right on the pier. After an extremely filling meal it was off to the beach we went; unfortunately the beach required us to drive at least 5 minutes but honestly I couldn’t complain. Thanks to Mazda, every time we got into our Cx-5 windows were automatically rolled down, sunroof back and people were definitely noticing us and ride; I don’t blame them.

The next 2 days were essentially day 1 on repeat. We would wake up, workout, grab lunch and beach all day. Don’t fret though, we made sure to bring some nightlife into the equation. The great thing about smaller towns is that there is typically only a few places to go out at night which means larger crowds and a variety of people to meet and hangout with. If you are ever in the St. Simons area be sure you stop into Gnats (ask for Michael and tell him Kat from Atlanta sent you) and for those wild souls be sure to venture on over to Rafters; it may not be everyone’s taste but I am always a fan of hole in the walls with a huge dance floor.

Nonetheless our trip was nothing short of amazing; even the ride back was entertaining. If you know anything about me you know that I hate any trip that requires me to be in the car for more than 3 hours. Thankfully Bash, yes we named our car, was honestly like flying first class. with its super sleek leather interior and fully upgraded entertainment system me and my girls were jamming and relaxing the whole way down there and back; I didn’t even complain once being in the car for 5 hours (that’s a step up for me).


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