If you know anything about me or have been following me for quite sometime you know that outside of my love for clothes is my obsession with traveling. I try and make it a point to go somewhere at least once a month or even twice (on my less busier months) just to get away and experience a new town or city. I think last year was my record year of places I got to travel to (internationally and “locally”) and this year it hasn’t been much different; I got to vacation in the Bahamas with my family, flew to Colorado to see one of my favorite bands play, took a 24 hour trip to St. Simons with my best friend, and I even went to the little town of Florence just to support a friend competing in cross-fit games. As much as I love having this itch to always travel, sometimes its nice to just explore your own city; get to know what’s around you and get away from the craziness in your everyday life.

Last weekend I was able to do just that at Hotel Indigo. Ever since I was a kid I have always loved staying in hotels, I mean who wouldn’t? Super comfy beds, unlimited towels that feel heavenly, free breakfast just waiting for you when you wake up. So when I got the opportunity to stay in one of the most “posh” hotels in the city I was over the moon excited. I know we have all heard of the big 3’s: Hilton, Marriott, and Holiday Inn, but what a lot of people are missing out on are the “boutique” style hotels. There is just something more personal about a hotel that tailors their guests experience to reflect the surrounding city. Like I mentioned before, part of the reason I love traveling so much is because of the experience and getting the feel of the residing city. I can honestly say that Hotel Indigo created that exact culture for me and my girl friends last weekend. With their two locations, in Downtown and Midtown, Hotel Indigo is literally smack dab in the middle of two thriving, prime neighborhoods has to offer.

Just because it was considered a “staycation” I still treated it like it was any other vacation I have had in the past. The first day we checked in we really took advantage of our neighborhood. Staying at the Downtown location was so very convenient; with over 5 restaurants in walking distance from us lets just say I’m pretty sure we ate more than our body weight. Everything from the infamous Hard Rock cafe and the vibrant Irish pup Meehan’s for happy hour, we were more than accommodated. When we were to full to walk around any more we went back up to our room to be greeted by amazing city views, the MOST comfortable bed (which could fit at least 3 people comfortably; I totally thought I was in the bed alone the next morning. That’s how much space there was haha), and elaborate/chic decor that would make pretty much anyone swoon over. Oh, and did I mention that they are also DOG FRIENDLY?! After we rested and were able to move we then moved the party down to the restaurant located on site where were started off our night with the most friendliest bartender who made the best drinks (if you ever go you have to order the margaritas; they make them with fresh lime juice adding  a little kick that I have never tasted before. It was sooooo good). Following our little mini happy hour we ventured out into the city for the ultimate girls night out.

All in all, I have to say that this was hands down he best hotel experience I have ever had; and I am honestly not “just saying that”. From the friendly staff to the posh updated rooms to its prime location Hotel Indigo will forever change my perspective when it comes to what kind of hotel I choose to book from now on. It’s going to be hard to top this one.

(Big thanks to Liz Lapidus PR and Hotel Indigo for the unforgettable accommodations)


Hotel Indigo Downtown :  230 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303


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