This week I decided to do something that I don’t pretty often. I know you guys typically only see fashion and some travel from me but I thought I would bring in a beauty post. If you are ever wondering why I don’t typically include this in my weekly postings it is because I either don’t have much time in the mornings  before heading to the clinic to actually do my makeup or if I do I forget to even post about it. Some blogger I am huh? Well I promised you guys this year I would try and bring you all different and fresh content of things you don’t always see from me; and beauty is definitely one of them. Don’t expect this to be some huge elaborate well formulated post but I wanted to share some of my favorite drug store and non-drug store product since a handful of you guys have been curious to know what I use or how I take care of my skin and hair on Instagram.

First thing I should let you guys know is that I do have sensitive skin, which ultimately limits me from just trying out numerous amounts of products. I have been seeing a dermatologist since I was 13 years old and I have learned the hard way what works for me and what doesn’t and you guys should too (keep that in mind when I am sharing these products with you-they work best for me and that might be different for you). As i’ve tried products throughout my life I have found for skin care my favorite line by far is Bare Minerals. In fact not only for just my face wash and my moisturizer but also for my foundation. I absolutely adore their Blemish Remedy™ Acne Treatment Cleanser. I’ve never really suffered from acne but for some reason the Acne Treatment from BM really cleanses my face and gets rid of the excess oil that I find to have by the end of my day and topped with their Bare Haven™ Essential Moisturizing Cream, my face is so smooth and refreshed. Oh and the one last thing I love to use are face masks. I tend to apply one at least once a week closer towards the weekend to help me “wash away all of the crazy from the work week” haha

Moving on to make up, as mentioned before my face get irritated easily with products so I have to be careful what I throw on. Also I have found that I have combination skin (meaning that my face goes through periods of time where it is really dry then gets too oily the next) so I gravitate more to matte foundations to help with the oil that is produced on my face. Ever since I have been using Bare Minerals Matte Foundation I’m not as shiny throughout the day and my face does;t feel heavy with caked on makeup. Another one of my favorite go to’s is Revlon’s Dramatic Definition™ mascara. To make up for my complicated skin I do have pretty long and thick eyelashes. The only struggle for me is finding one where I’m not having to sit in front of my mirror and keep reapplying layers of it for a dramatic and noticeable look. I won’t lie to you guys I have been settling in the past and just taking the time to apply and reapply my mascara to give me the look I want until last week. Thanks to losing my makeup bag I had to replace my necessities first and I came across the Dramatic Definition™ by Revlon (honestly because it was on sale that day) and it literally was FATE! I kid you not, it only takes one coat and my lashes are so defined its crazy. It also doesn’t hurt that it is under $10 and you can find at any drug store or convince store. To complete my look and compliment my lashes I like to turn to a neutral eye shadow palette to add some “color” or contrast but also nothing too dramatic. I feel like I look my best in a more neutral tone so typically anything that is of a neutral palate I more than likely to buy it and try it out.

I know that was a lot for my first beauty run through but I really did enjoy sharing some of my favorite products that are extremely easy to pick up and try if you are interested. And as I get more daring, I will venture out and try products for you guys and see which ones I can swear by and share them with you. Needless to say this won’t be my last beauty post, I promise. If you have any questions at all, lets chat. Leave a comment below.