It’s no shock that I have yet another favorite off-the-shoulder blouse since that seems to the only thing I wear now a days. They just make it so easy to get dressed in less than 15 minutes, which is important for me since I am always on the move and running around for meetings, work, or just making time for my social life. With that being said I was sitting at my desk the other day and although I love sharing my personal style with you guys and you have been so supportive since my launch; I decided I wanted to not only get to know my readers more but also being more transparent with you guys and share more about me and my life. So this post will be different than the style I usually gravitate to but I think this will be fun and something I want to start doing more.

Therefore, in honor of my 24th birthday being in a week and a half I thought it would be fun to share 24 things about myself and open up a platform where I can interact more with my readers and create a dialogue that hasn’t really been there before. So without further a do, here is ME:


I was born in Kenya and moved here with  my family when I was only 3 years old (and I lOVE traveling back home when my schedule allows me to).

I have a younger, 21 year old brother who is the exact opposite of me and in more than one way a lot cooler & hip lol

Although I love fashion and style my first love are the sciences. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry and I am a complete nerd.

I LOVE going to the movies by myself

My dog is basically my child

I love anything black, grey and navy

Volleyball is my favorite sport and have played it for over 8 years

I can’t go longer than 2 weeks without getting my nails done

Despite how busy I am I don’t know how to relax when I get free time

I love doing outdoor things (hiding, running, canoeing, etc)

Traveling is my escape to my busy schedule and love going to new states and countries

Bugs terrify me-all of them

I use to be somewhat of a tom-boy growing up

My dad is a minister and have grown up in the church all my life and forever love Jesus.

I only like one type of ice cream- Moose Tracks- the rest are irrelevant

I will try something at least once

I’ve recently decided to cut back on meat and work on a more plant/vegetable base diet (this one has been a huge adjusment)

I hate texting, love long phone calls

I drink a cup of coffee EVERY morning and a cup of pomegranate tea EVERY night before bed

I am currently single

I love 90’s Rom-coms, terrible indie movies and shows based on crime

My eyesight is terrible

On weekends my friends and I love going to random concerts and discovering new bands/music

I one day want to live and raise my family somewhere in Europe.


Not going to lie, that was kind of hard to think of things that wouldn’t bore you guys. I hope this give a little more insight about who I am and I don’t want the conversation to stop here. So leave a comment with questions about anything you guys would like to know more about or if you just want to chat.