Hey guys, I know I have been pretty M.I.A the last few weeks (well more like a month) but you know when everything in your life gets to hectic and you feel like you barely have time to sleep; well that was me in the month of December. Although it was a very busy holiday season I did get to do quite a bit of traveling so as my first post of 2017 I though I would share with you guys where I have been “hiding” out. I hope everyone had a great New Years and are ready for 2017 OTWK style.

This was my second time in Atlantis and honestly there was still so much that was new to me. Have any of you guys been there? the Place is HUGE and takes forever to walk just across from one end to the other but nonetheless my family and I had a blast here (especially in the casino)

Our second stop in Freeport was absolutely breathtaking. I don’t think I have seen sand so white and water so blue.