They say as you get older, you go through waves of people in your life who seem to all get married at once. I cannot believe I’m already on my first wave. Nonetheless I had the great opportunity to witness one of my greatest and sweetest friends get married to the love of his life.

If it’s anything I love is a wedding, better yet, an outdoor wedding. This past weekend my two best friends from high school packed our bags, stocked up on red bulls and candy and hit the road in our sleek 2016 Mazda C-X5. Now I’ve lived in Georgia pretty much all my life but I can say Tipton is definitely one spot that I’ve never ventured off. Boy were we in the south but it was undeniably beautiful, peaceful and filled with an overwhelming sense of tranquility.

Other than the breathe taking views, it was great getting the chance to see all my friends from high school and have somewhat of a reunion. They say time flies by the older you get and I will say certainly felt like a lifetime since I’ve last seen many of those people.

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Big thanks to @MazdaUSA for letting us see our best friend get married in style and comfort. I can honestly say, this car has more bells and whistles than I even knew what to do with. With its luxury style interior, easily accessible navigational and entertainment system and not to mention mid-sized (but spacious) body, the CX5 is perfect for anyone looking for the space of an SUV but the mobility of a compact.




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