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Move on over Herbie, there’s a new guy in town and I’ve named him Elliot.

I got this littler cruiser all to myself for a whole week and thanks to DriveShop ATL and Mitsubishi, boy was it the most epic week of my life. I have been a big fan of spacious and big cars since I could remember. Something about being in a large car with tons of room just suits me and my lifestyle. Until I met this little guy. This 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage may have come in a small package but came with big surprises.

 With its recognition of “Best All-Around Performance” & “Best Environmental Performance”, this 4 door, 5 passenger hatchback is the perfect car for a person [or girl] on-the-go. If you know anything about me my days are long and my schedule is always jam packed with school, meetings, and side projects which requires me to drive all over the Atlanta area. The one thing I found most appealing about the Mirage was its capability to get me around everywhere I need to go not only in style but efficiently as well. The Mirage gets about 37 miles city and 44 miles highway!! How INSANE is that?  I got around for a whole week on just one tank of gas [that sounds about normal to others but for me that’s quite impressive; considering all the places I typically go in one day].

In addition to its power and efficiency, the Mirage offers stadium seating for my rear passengers allowing them to get in on the fun happening in the front. I must say i was very impressed on how much room there was for a hatchback. I’ve always related hatchback to be cramped with no space for anything but boy was I wrong. Ever see those older movies where there a million people getting out of what seems to be a clown car and you sit and wonder “how in the world did all those people fit inside?” I now understand how that was possible after having this hatchback.

This classic hatchback style comes with some pretty awesome highly advanced features. This 2015 offers a push to start option, remote operated doors and locks, power windows, mirror and window locks, key passive entry, USB connection for music and the list goes on and on.

See what I mean by big surprises in such a small package.

Looking for a new car but your new years resolution was to be better at saving money; the 2015 is definitely a great option for you. With SE trim levels starting at $12,995 you can drive this car with a vibrant personality all while not breaking the bank.

Join in on the fun and purchase’s #1 “new car for penny pinchers” TODAY!