Channeling my inner lumberjack this morning in Gatlinburg || Our cabin weekend is coming to an end & I'm not ready to head back to reality || #ootd #plaid #gatlinburg #tennessee #cabin #cabinfever #mountains #smokymountain #streetstyle #styledmd #style


Another thumbs up vacation under my belt. This year I promised myself more adventures and more time exploring and boy have I really lived that out in 6 short weeks. This past weekend I got to spend time in the serene mountains of Gatlinburg for my cousins birthday. Majority of our first day was spent relaxing, hot tubing, playing card games and catching up with old friends and family we haven’t seen in ages. IMG_1263





I would have to argue even though brig surrounded by beautiful mountains and waterfalls and tons of outdoor activities my favorite past time activity by far was EATING (shocker). The best part of having a large circle of friends is that everyone has their own speciality in the kitchen! From turkey burgers, to ribs, and my big cousins  infamous vegetable medley there was not a moment where the kitchen wasn’t full with spectators or empty mouths!


Havig such a big family is always a great time but since it’s so large it makes it difficult for us all to have time to all be at the same place at the same time. So naturally my second most favorite moments from this weekend involved catching up with my out of state family and just seeing where everyone is in their life and what their goals are in Thai next year. It’s so humbling to have such great people who are constantly supporting you and encouraging you in everything you do and I cousin the more grateful for that.

Along with great conversation out family is known for our very competitive nature! Night one was definitely epic. Bring very ambitious I suggested we all play Ellen’s new game , head up. If you’ve never played it you are definitely missing out on some really entertaining fun! Being a pretty even distribution of girls & boys we decided to make it boys vs girls and boy did things get interesting. With or lack of ability to not invade personal space or keep anything at a whisper the night quickly turned into a heated and close match involving horribly acted out charades and ending with majority of us on the floor with stomach pains from laughing so hard. Needless to say the girls won (despite the guys efforts in accusing us of cheating) and we rightfully took the crown by creating a wager for the losing team!


Needless to say day one was nothing short of perfect! A big shoutout to Kia Motors and DriveShop for also providing us with our sleek and lavish 2016 Kia Sorento, allowing us to travel comfortably but also in serious style!